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Investment Strategies

We offer successful investment solutions in the form of different funds and mandates that employ interesting strategies. These investments include asset classes such as corporate bonds, convertible bonds, multi-asset and managed futures.

Strategy Update

CIO Report - August 2018

Global equity markets were unable to sustain in August the positive undercurrent running through July and most fell, with the exception of the US. ...


Get to know more about our various strategies which we offer as institutional mandates (‘segregated accounts’) or in the form of public investments funds with different investor and currency classes.


Stephanie Zwick, Head of Convertible Bonds at Fisch Asset Management in Zurich, expects to see inflows into the convertible bond asset class during...

About Fisch

Kurt Fisch and Dr. Pius Fisch founded Fisch Asset Management as an independent asset management boutique in Zurich in 1994. We offer institutional clients tailor-made special fund mandates as well as fund solutions.

News & Media

This section provides you access to information about and from Fisch. Apart from displaying current news and offering market reports from our investment experts, it also lists contacts for media representatives and announces upcoming events.

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Convertible Bonds

The attributes of convertible bonds offer investors significant benefits when combined with professional portfolio management. The advantages can be summarized in three key aspects: positive timing effects thanks to asymmetric price behavior, capital protection provided by bond floor as well as exceptionally attractive risk/return profile.

Corporate Bonds

As an asset management boutique, we specialise in bond strategies in which active portfolio management and extraordinary credit research can create superior added value. Since 2006, these strategies have actively seized the opportunities in the corporate bond market.

Multi Asset

The multi asset absolute return strategy invests in a broadly diversified portfolio across various asset classes. The investment strategy is based on three building blocks: selecting attractive risk premiums, generating alpha within the asset classes and maintaining stability under stress by targeting risk premiums with relatively low volatility during market stress.

Managed Futures

Our trend following strategy consists of two independent trend recognition models that centre on medium- to long-term trading signals. In practice, the strategy exploits inefficiencies in absolute and relative market prices. We also developed a model for the early recognition of stress in the financial markets. The strategy invests exclusively in futures (equities, bonds, commodities and currencies).


Risk Classification of Fisch Investment Strategies

You can access all investment funds with their relevant unit classes here.

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Funds Overview

Here you will find a straightforward introduction to the convertible bond asset class. The structure of convertible bonds is described in detail, as are their market formation and pricing as well as their specific characteristics.

Monthly Report

Here we provide monthly information on our current view of the macroeconomic environment and its implications for our asset classes and performance drivers. We also give an assessment of the performance results as well as outlooks for the future positioning in all investment funds.

Sales & Relationship Manager

Numerous English specialist terms are used in the field of convertible bonds, and it is important for investors to understand them. These terms are explained in our terminology section.

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Fisch is an independent asset management boutique established by Kurt Fisch and Dr. Pius Fisch in Zurich in 1994. Today, we consider ourselves a market leader in convertible bonds. We have successfully extended our expertise into the management of corporate bonds, focusing on high yield and emerging market corporate bonds as well as on absolute return and trend following strategies.

Corporate Philosophy

We view our corporate culture as a crucial factor in our long-term success as an asset manager. Transparency, open communication, entrepreneurial incentives and mutual respect are the principles we systematically implement on a day-to-day basis.


We are very proud of our strong corporate culture and our employees’ high degree of motivation and long-term commitment. Our 87 staff members, including 23 portfolio managers and 18 analysts, are dedicated professionals committed to the success of Fisch Asset Management – and therefore the success of our investors.


Become part of the success story of Fisch Asset Management. We offer you versatile and interesting projects in a successful company with a flat hierarchy. With us you can contribute fully with your personal strenghts, develop yourself further and grow with new challenges.

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Press Releases

Here you will find all media releases, covering interesting market information as well as our corporate news and employee announcements. We also present articles created in-house or which include our expert opinions.

Media Relations

This area is aimed at media representatives. It gives you access to our media kit, containing essential facts about the company, and points you to the right contact partners for interviews and market information at a glance.


We organise regular events such as investor roadshows. You can find our upcoming schedule in this section. We stage these events both in our home country of Switzerland as well as internationally.